There are sevsral reasons people decided to join us.

  1. Our leader and CEO Ash Mufarah is a compassionate person. He is experienced in network marketing, and have been a top producer in the company he worked for. There were things about the business in general that he noticed problems. One of them is the 90% rate of people FAILING. He decided to create a company that will benefit those who decided to partner with him as a founder, and also to give value to those wo will come after launch as customers. He also thought about people all around the world who have very low incomes and wanted to change their lives, either by joining in the business, or lives being changed by those who are in the business. This company is about PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. Someone asked him why was he will to share this unique and upcoming company with others. He stated that a person acn only buy but so much with money, and why not give others who dont have an opportunity to become financially independant. WOULD IT NOT BE AMAZING IF EVERYONE THOUGHT LIKE OUR DEAR CEO ASH?
  2. This is a global business in over 200 counties.
  3. We have a top notch leadership council composed of experience marketers, and other professionals who are willing to help others.
  4. Onpassive is built on a unique structure that has not been presented before.
  5. It will in a short time become a UNICORN company.
  6. The business is automated, and you dont have to do anything unless you want to.
  7. This is a business you will be able to past down to your descendants, its here for the LONG HAUL. There are many founders in the company who have more than one positions to include their loved ones. I myself have my 2 sons and only grandchild in the business.
  8. This company is geared towards the FUTURE. Its automated with Artificial Intelligence.
  9. We have the best and top notch employees who are highly skilled in network marketing.
  10. The company will also be providing education to keep you abreast of the tools (50) and features.
  11. WE ARE A FAMILY HERE IN ONPASSIVE, is that not the type of company you want to be a part of? JOIN HERE https://trimurl.co/deyaco3