Mum left cracking up over ‘doll-sized’ B&M paddling pool her daughters can’t even fit in

A mum-of-two recently treated her two little girls to a £15 paddling pool for B&M, never imagining it wouldn’t even be big enough for them to fit in.

Louise Smart, 33, spotted the Staycation Paddling Pool With Slide on sale at the Basingstoke branch of B&M on Tuesday, June 21, and assumed it would be perfect for her daughters, Isla, four, and Amelia, 10, to splash about in.

However, after getting it out of the packaging, Louise’s jaw dropped. She quickly realised she hadn’t double-checked the dimensions, with the pool measuring in at a “doll-sized” 114cm x 86cm x 36cm.

A hysterical pic shows a clearly amused Isla sitting in the pool, resting her head on one slide and dangling her legs hanging over the other.

Louise, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, said: “I decided to treat them to the paddling pool because of the warm weather. I came home and I said to Isla that Mummy had bought her a new paddling pool, she was really excited.

“Then when we got it out and we blew it up she just looked at me and said ‘it’s a bit small Mum’. I knew it wasn’t going to be massive for £15 but I wasn’t expecting what came out – it was so small.

“I was disappointed and embarrassed that I hadn’t realised it was so small. I was ready to take it back but she begged me to keep it so it’s still here.”

Fortunately, Isla is absolutely delighted with the tiny pool, despite not being able to sit in it herself, and is currently using it to play games of hook-a-duck with.

Tanning studio manager Louise continued: “I thought she’d be really disappointed but she just said she loved it and that it was a bit small but she was happy. She’s quite a grateful little four-year-old.”

According to Louise, she had considered picking up an £8 paddling pool, but decided on the £15 one as it came with a slide. Little did she realise just how titchy it was.

Going forward, Lousie has advised other parents to Google dimensions before getting to the till, admitting, “that’s what I probably should have done in hindsight.”

She added: “I will definitely be getting a bigger paddling pool.”

Louise has since shared her all too relatable gaffe online, with her post clocking up more than 4,500 likes, shares, and comments.

One person wrote: “Omg, the size of the slide!! It makes a very comfy-looking seat though!”

Another said: “I did the same lol x glad I’m not the only one.”

A B&M spokesperson said: “Our paddling pools are always a hit with the little ones throughout the summer months, and we love seeing kids enjoying splashing around in them.

“We additionally enjoyed Isla’s full re-enactment of Roald Dahl’s The BFG sliding in her staycation splash pool. Her performance gets a standing ovation from us for the accuracy and execution of the plot.”

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