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What is a unicorn company? It is a company that attains a billion dollars within a short amount of time, generally less than 5yrs.


Lets look at the growth of Opassive and we have not even launched yet.

As you can see we have increased to over 200,000 founders in 9 months.

We are staedily growing as of today there are 326,000 Founders……THATS 22,000 WITHIN A MONTH, that averages around 5,000 people a week.

With this momentum, what do you believe when it becomes of Onpassive being a potential UNICORN?

The most exciting thing is that you can as a Founder today and become part of the history. Wouldn’t that be a great story to tell your grandchildren and great grandchildren, knowing that they will become part of the legacy because of YOU!!

Accoring to FULL SCALE, these are the top 10 unicorn companies in 2019 .https://fullscale.io/blog/creating-the-next-unicorn-startup/


  1. Toutiao (ByteDance) – China, $75 B
  2. Didi Chuxing – China, $56
  3. JUUL Labs – United States, $38 B
  4. WeWork – United States, $47 B
  5. AirBnb – United States, $29 B
  6. Stripe – United States, $23 B
  7. SpaceX – United States, $19 B
  8. Epic Games – United States, $15 B
  9. Grab – Singapore, $14 B
  10. DoorDash – United States, $12.6 B

Can you believe a company making 12.6 billion by delivering food to people’s home? Its not like this is a new concept. Pizza companies have been doing this for years. ITS AN WHY DIDNT I DO THAT? moment.

According to FULL SCALE, there are 5 characteristics you need in order to become a unicorn company.

  1. You must be consumer centric…..Providing products and services to consumers. Now specifically with covid, people are changing their habits of venturing outside, and socializing with others. They are geared more to staying at home. That’s why streaming platforms and other entertainment platforms are steadily growing. ONPASSIVE is tailored for the consumer by giving them top products at a value that will benifit the consumer.
  2. Disruptive Innovation….That is changing the way things are done in the past. Its being creative and providing people with something thats new and different. THIS IS WHERE ONPASSIVE FITS IN! Ash Mufarah has created a company with technological innovated tools and systems.
  3. Private companies that are bought by larger companies. OR in my opinion people who have confidence in a person who will support them with capital. How many businesses you know started out with a person having a dream and they having family and friends that support them.WE THE FAMILY OF OPPASSIVE HAVE DREAMS AND ARE WILLING TO HELP OUR CEO WITH HIS. And with our dreams we can help our family, communities, and THE WORLD!!
  4. Being technicologically driven. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more popular now. ONPASSIVE ALSO FITS THIS BILL, we are an advanced automated AI company, with employees that are the best technical professionals in the industry.
  5. The potential Valuation and Forcast trends of future assets. No one really have a crystal ball, but you can figure out if something is very much need and have potential for growth. ONPASSIVE has already proved that the potential growth is there, and it is staring you in the face with that pie chart.

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